things i am obligated to buy

  • tampons (~$7)
  • birth control (varies)
  • pads (~$5)
  • PMS medication to help with our moods (~$8)
  • bras (~$20-$50)

i literally cannot function/be considered socially presentable without all or most of these things and i have to buy them pretty fucking regularly

not only that but people actually go out of their way to campaign against things like planned parenthood, ensuring that these things REMAIN my responsibility and taxes cannot cover them like they often do for most other necessities in life

the irony of all of this is that if cis dudes were obligated to buy any of these things the world would be a whole lot fucking different

they make enough of a fucking fuss about buying fucking condoms it’s pathetic

but take note that CONDOMS are available for free to keep teens safe!!!!!! but birth control is only for SLUTTY TEEN GIRLS and that’s it. nobody has ever needed birth control for another reason. ever. nobody else but sexually active cisgender teenager girls trying to prevent unwanted pregnancy will ever need birth control

(people actually believe this)

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    A lot of people do get stuff like that covered if you actually need it, but i’m guessing you don’t.
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    Forget condoms, the really sucky part is that Viagra is commonly covered by insurance—so it’s okay for insurance to help...
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    Girls have access to free condoms too. Condoms are free because they are exponentially less complicated than BC, and...
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    Birth control and pads/tampons should be free. End of fucking story.
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    But it’s not something we should HAVE to pay for ourselves, nor should it be so inordinately expensive. Fuck, I don’t...
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    my PMDS medecine costs 1254 kr ( $187,49 ) and im out of them like every second/third month. Here in sweden for...
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